Suckadelic and Sidekick Media have released SUCKPAX, an all new vintage-style, art-based trading card series. These are designed by - and star - the Super Sucklord. Series One features a 100 box limited run with 36 individual packs per box.

There are 43 different card designs, as well as exclusive one-of-a-kind original hand drawn Sketch Cards by some of today's hottest underground artists (one guaranteed sketch card in every box). Also, a one-off Golden Ticket has been randomly packaged, which will be redeemable for a super rare custom toy designed by the Sucklord.

Being a collector of old school wax packs (Garbage Pail Kids, Gremlins, Tron, etc.), I can appreciate these. I wonder if they could have dredged up some 25 year old sticks of bubble gum?

Look for these to retail around $5 per pack. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.


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