Shawnimals will be releasing their next limited edition (100 pieces) plush from their Professor Fliggins line - Land Lump - today (October 29th) at 1PM. "Fliggins leaves Pantsylvania in search of his homeland, and just
when he thinks his final jaunt will be unencumbered... an evil appears
on the horizon! What will he do? What is it? Perhaps the Lumps can
provide an answer, or at least shelter..."

From the tag:

"A lump on a lump in a land of lumpy lumps. These hilly creatures are
helpful and creepy... they just stare at you, unmoving, smile frozen,
watching while you sleep."

  • Special
    – A pretty flower and patch of spring grass!
  • Character-specific
    – A little Lump buddy!
  • An
    all-new handmade plush character
  • Tagged
    with its description and numbered
  • Each
    comes meticulously packaged with brown paper, tied with a cotton string
  • A goody
    bag filled with a sticker and two special buttons!

These will each run you $40 plus shipping.


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