As you may recall from last October in Manhattan, the Night Gamers discovered that while traversing the 30 second time shift from their parallel universe to ours, the molecular structure of their bodies had become flexible, thus giving them this new ability with which they are delighted. Halloween became Wilber and Orvil's most favorite holiday, a shape shifters dream come true.

This Halloween is no exception, they have been morphing from one costume character to another every four or five seconds for two weeks and will continue to do so till midnight on the 31st.

This years ultra limited edition of only 10 Halloween Night Gamers is a collaboration between Plaseebo and Dax of Crystal Glow Chrome. Dax did the beautiful hand painting depicting Wilber and Orvil as if frozen in the the moment of a shape shifting transition from one form to another. Each figure is unique. The 6.5" tall figures are rotocast in orange vinyl and have a motion activated color changing LED unit inside the head.

These will available exclusively through the Plaseebo website store on Thursday, October 22nd around midnight for $150 plus shipping.




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