Immedium has announced the release of The Octonauts & the Great Ghost Reef - written and illustrated by the popular design team Meomi.

From their undersea “Octopod” base, the Octonauts are a team of eight adorable undersea explorers (including a brave polar bear, a big-hearted penguin and a scientific sea otter) who are always ready for new and exciting voyages. In their fourth adventure, the Octonauts travel to a large reef city. When they arrive, they discover that the once bustling waters have turned into a ghost town! The colorful coral has turned an eerie white and buildings lay empty and crumbling. The Octonauts explore the different reef ‘neighborhoods’, from mangrove forests to seagrass meadows, to learn about the plants and animals that make up this strange tropical world. Will the crew be able to find clues to solve the mystery of the Great Ghost Reef?

You can pick up the 36 page hardcover version of the book for $15.95 at the above link. It's an enjoyable read for all members of the family.

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