You’d be hard pressed to find a male who grew up in the 1980’s who didn’t own at least a few G.I. Joe figures. The original line was first launched back in the 60’s, so if you didn’t own one…maybe your dad did.

Following the release of their 12” tall Snake Eyes figure, Sideshow has dropped the quintessential villain (except for his role in G.I. Joe: The Movie) – Cobra Commander.

He leads the force of COBRA, a ruthless terrorist organization that has become a thorn in the sides of the GI Joe team and threat to the entire world. He has legions of soldiers, millions of dollars and an arsenal of state of the art equipment at his disposal, yet the man remains a mystery. Cobra Commander is as arrogant as he is ruthless, and if there is a face of evil, it lies under a blue shroud. Bent on world domination, Cobra Commander cuts a swath through freedom, liberty, and justice. He will stop at nothing to push his forces to victory. The only thing in his way: GI Joe.





The Facts

Cobra Commander
Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles
Material: Plastic
Height: 12”
Points of Articulation: 30+ points (Prometheus body)
Accessories: Pistol with holster and 2 ammo magazines; magazine pouch for pistol ammo; MP-7 with short magazine, silencer and 3 long magazines; magazine pouch for MP-7 ammo; dagger with scabbard and chain; Cobra Commander laser gun; 3 sets of interchangeable gloved hands; Cobra display base; Cobra staff with concealed blade (Sideshow Exclusive)
Outfit: Blue shirt with Cobra emblem; blue pants; black faux leather trench coat; black shiny boots; belt with Cobra Command buckle
Edition Size: 3,000 (Regular Edition) 1,250 (Sideshow Exclusive)

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Sideshow’s G.I. Joe packaging has leapfrogged their Star Wars line for my favorite. And it’s because they’re trying to hold on to that classic retro look. It features the explosion with the character photo centered and a bio card similar to the old-school 3 ¾” line. Inside the magnetically sealed box, there is a plastic tray for the figure and one for the boatload of accessories.


Our Opinion

Sideshow announced they had obtained the license for G.I. Joe…and to say that I was ecstatic might be an understatement. They haven’t let collectors down. They’ve loaded these figures with a ton of accessories, and the outfits have a million pouches to hold all of the stuff they’ve included. Much better than your dad's G.I. Joe.

Cobra Commander was the second character released from the license. And while I would have preferred seeing the sky blue version featuring a reflective metal mask, they’ve done a great job with the hooded version. The accessories are amazingly detailed – especially the big gun…the MP-7.


I’ve showed off the Sideshow Exclusive figure in these photos, and it’s one of the few pieces where I’d actually pay extra for the exclusive accessory. One thing I might have changed is Cobra Commander’s footwear. I’ve had other figures that feature these shiny – almost rubbery – boots, and depending on the temperature of the room (or the amount of sunlight that hits it) the material can begin to melt.

Sideshow has continued the trend of super-detailed outfits. All of the holsters and pouches feature little plastic snaps like you’d find on a real backpack. The figure looks equally good with or without the faux leather jacket. Although, the jacket gives him a little more shoulder height and allows the mask to fall naturally onto it.

The company has really stepped up their game with the G.I. Joe line. The outfits and the accessories are really the highlights here. And while I still have my fingers crossed for the sky blue metallic mask version…this Cobra Commander is well worth the shelf space.

You can pick one up at the following:

Sideshow: $99.99 Regular and Exclusive Wait Lists

1:6 Scale Cobra Commander Grades:

Figure Quality: 9/10
    Sculpt: 9/10
    Paint: 8/10
Accessories/Outfit: 9/10
Packaging: 9/10
Durability: 8/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 9.4/10

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