Mr. Power Skullman is the newest figure from Phalanx Creative. The piece stands 8" tall and is available in 3 colorways: Mr.Power Skullman G.I.D. Black (100 pieces); Mr.Power Skullman G.I.D. Red (100 pieces); Mr.Power Skullman Red (50 pieces).

Professor Dalton Smith is an obscure archaeologist who is fascinated in ancient tribe culture. In the journey of working in the New Mexico site, Dalton falls down into a deep cave.

While he feels panic and helpless, Dalton is given "warrior eye" by a mystery creature. The creature is using 'warrior's eye' to seek the one who was "born in righteous and fearless" to become a new generation of SKULLMAN.

Every 150 years, while the evil rise, the SKULLMAN will reveal to show the justice.



Look for the red and black GID versions to retail around $60, while the more limited red edition should go around $70. For wholesale information, contact DKE Toys.


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