The newest Uglydoll – and last of the new characters announced at the beginning of this year – is now available for your purchasing pleasure. We first saw Uppy, designed by David and Sun-Min, as a blue plush back at Uglycon NYC. The production color is pink with a sky blue tongue. Want to know more about Uppy? Read his official bio:

You'll never meet anyone more optimistic than Uppy. He's super positive! He's positive that the snack you have in your hand belongs to him, and that your bank account should be in his name, not yours. Uppy is sure of things. He's sure that you guys would make the perfect team, and that your team should make it's way down to the bakery to order something really super delicious. You handle the money part and Uppy is sure he can do all the eating. No worries.

IMG_8511 IMG_8513

The Facts

Series: Uglydolls
Manufacturer: Pretty Ugly
Artist: David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim
Material: Plush
Height: Two-foot – 24” Classic - 14” Little – 7” Keychain – 4”



If you’ve seen an Uglydoll tag, you pretty much know what you’re getting. The green tag has an illustration of the character on the outside and one inner panel. And the funny bio that we reprinted above comes from the other panel.


Our Opinion

When the 2009 line of Uglydolls were announced this past January, I wasn’t really sure which character would be my favorite. Trunko was cute. Fea Bea was different. Winkolina was bright. The Kasoogis were…monogamous? Turny Burny gave you multiple colors. But after having eight months to digest all of these various designs, I’ve come up with a clear winner – Uppy.

What’s so special about the newest Uglydoll? I think it all starts with his ears. With those large, wing-like ear and his hands up in the air, it gives the appearance that Uppy is in flight…taking to the heavens, if you will.

I like the predominantly pink color and how the small blue tongue offsets it. And while I’m usually sort of “eh” when it comes to them, this is one of the characters that I’d like to see produced in multiple colorways. Maybe a Convention Exclusive?


You can pick one up at the following: $6 - $10 - $20 - $50

Uppy Grades:

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 8/10
Packaging/Tag: 7/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.3/10

What do you rate this figure?