The Plaseebo and Blobpus collaboration brings the Dokopus together with the Skulloctopus. The "Love at First Sight" set will be offered for purchase on the Plaseebo website store this Friday, August 14th priced at $150 plus shipping.

This is an ultra limited US edition of 15 sets,  hand painted by Bob Conge. Each set will contain a Plaseebo "Skulloctopus" figure in clear green vinyl with inset glass eyes and an internal color-changing LED unit with its on/off switch mounted on the outside of the skull. In a darkened room, the LED will illuminate the color gel and glow in the dark brain parts inside the skull.

The set also contains one Blobpus "Dokupus" figure in black vinyl with a clear purple head that has glow in the dark red vinyl brain inside, as well as a glow in the dark skull in his hand and a yellow eye insert. This figure also has an internal color-changing LED unit that illuminates the brain in a darkened room.


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