The GreeNees are a line of six designer plushies created by a family – Shai (dad), Ellie (mom), Dylan (daughter) and Sawyer (son) – from their apartment in West Hollywood. Dylan drew the characters when she was 4 years old…hence, creating this line. “The GreeNees want to remind us all, that together, like one family with a smile, we can save the planet!”

Mr. GreeNee is all about being Green. Most scientists believe human activity has contributed to global warming over the past few decades. Mrs. GreeNee loves fashion and beautiful things but most of all she loves Mr. GreeNee. After they married and she became Mrs. GreeNee she joined the cause and now gets everything organic.

Val is crazy about animals, from fish and dogs to tigers and elephants. She loves pets and wants to make sure they have a warm home. She just loves every living creature and critter. Henry – Switch - never forgets to switch off the power before he leaves a room and he makes sure no one else does either.

Dakota is the family dog. She makes sure nothing goes to waste and will recycle anything, Woof woof. Gap is the family cat, responsible for water conservation and a naturalist. If water is dripping anywhere, Gap will announce it. Meow!!!

The Facts


Mr. GreeNee (Fights Global Warming)
Series: GreeNees
Material: Exterior certified organic fabric
Height: 8”


Mrs. GreeNee (Organic Fanatic)
Height: 9.5”


Val (Animal Lover)
Height: 10”


Henry – Switch (Solar Power)
Height: 7.5”


Dakota (Recycling Machine)
Height: 9”


Gap (Water Conservation)
Height: 8.5”

IMG_8466 IMG_8468


Each tag varies depending on the plush character. On the outside, it features the attached plush character. The inner panels feature five random characters (on the left) and a short bio of your plush (on the right).


Our Opinion

Every so often, one of my five dogs gets a hold of one of my plushies before I get a chance to photograph and/or review them. That’s what happened to poor Dakota, who had its tag chewed off and leash gnawed on. I thought it was rather ironic that the dogs chose the dog GreeNee to swipe.

There’s nothing not to love about the GreeNees line. Each plush is made of super soft organic terrycloth-like material. Both kids and collectors will enjoy the feel of the GreeNees.


The embroidered facial designs look like a child drew them…probably because one did. And that’s just one aspect that gives these a truly unique feel. We’re all so used to symmetry, but these characters are anything but that.

Then there is the eco-friendly message of the GreeNees. It’s never too early to get kids into energy conservation. By introducing these cute characters, and explaining their important messages, you can give them a plush that they’ll love…and impart a little bit of important wisdom upon them. Oh…and for the collectors? They’re something new and different from the plush scene.

You can pick one up at the following: $15 ea.

The GreeNees Grades:

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 9/10
    Material: 9/10
Softness: 9/10
Packaging/Tag: 8/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Mr. GreeNee: 9.2/10
Mrs. GreeNee: 9.1/10
Val: 8.7/10
Henry: 9.3/10
Dakota: 9.3/10
Gap: 9.1/10

IMG_8452 IMG_8453 IMG_8455 IMG_8456 IMG_8459 IMG_8461 IMG_8463 IMG_8465 IMG_8467 IMG_8471 

What do you rate these?

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