New products available now at Frozen Empire Toys:

The Giver: Pestilence Edition by Andrew Bell/DYZ Plastic - $57.50
Pure Trance Mini Figures by Junko Mizuno/Kidrobot - $9.95 each
Black Walrus Rider by Alex Pardee/Upper Playground - $109.95
Bomb of the Month - Terminade by Van Beater/Jamungo - $9.50
Original Koibito by Yoskay Yamamoto/Munky King - $77.50
Green Dragon Scout by Amanda Visell/Switcheroo - $64.00
House of Liu: Shaolin Monk Master by Crazy Label - $32.50
Tree Show Postcard Microportfolio by Mark Ryden - $12.00
Big Mongers by Frank Kozik/Kidrobot - $24.95 each
House of Liu: Baby Monk by Crazy Label - $11.50

Pugzee - Street Edition by David Cortes - $29.95

Be sure to keep an eye on their website for frequent updates!

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