Mezco's Cinema Of Fear Series 4 should be hitting stores. The new wave of evil contains:

  • Freddy Krueger™ - Dressed in a surgeon outfit as seen in his fourth film. Freddy comes complete with pizza topped with the faces of the damned, a bone saw, and an alternate head with surgical mask.

  • Jason Voorhees™ - As seen in part three, everyone's favorite unhappy camper comes with signature machete. Jason also includes an alternate head with an ax that fits in the gaping wound, along with an arm freshly hacked off a recent victim.
  • Debbie - One of Freddy's many victims; Debbie's fear of roaches was used against her with terrifying results. Debbie comes complete with a set of severed arms and a bug hotel.
Cof4-A01 Cof4-A11

Photos by Jason Jerde

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