The Monkion and Good Girl/Bad Girl collections have landed at  Never before have droves of Cursters appeared on planet earth in unison, accompanied by corresponding apparel and giclee prints.  Technically speaking, the invaders haven't exactly arrived in droves, but rather in limited edition productions of as many as 10 guys.  It used to be that Cursters could only be found in singlets, and the appeal of that can't be denied.  But as we humans know, when everybody's unique, there's nothing that special about being one of a kind; hence the octuplet phenomenon, and the inexplicable preoccupation with Jon & Kate.  Well, now Curster has bigger and vastly better news:  decaplets.  And they're for sale.  Take that, Octomom.

Monkion Collection:

  • Monkion Print - $40
  • Monkion Shirts - $25 ea.
  • Monkion Plushies - $35
  • Large Monkion Plushies - $250
  • Commander Donde - $250
  • Mister - $175

Good Girl/Bad Girl Collection:

  • Good Girl Print - $50
  • Good Girl Shirts - $15 ea.
  • Good Girl Medium Plushies - $110
  • Bad Girl Plushies - $175

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