The Sucklord is back producing some some bootlegs based on Sleestaks and his Band of the Lost CDs. If you're a fan of the Suckadelic and Crystal Pharaoh beats and remixes, you'll want to pick up the BAND OF THE LOST ALIFE/LEVIS MIX CD.

SpiritBag SpiritStak solo

They've also released several new bootleg toys. The SPIRITSTAK BAGGIE is a cool, clear, Sleestak Ghost figure bringing ancient Altrusian wisdom from the Library of Skulls. This 30 piece edition runs $30.

AmexStak pack AmexStak 1

The SALARYSTAK BLACK AMEX EDITION is a black and silver Sleestak business monster ready to spend his cash. The 30 piece edition has already sold out.

StarStak Pack Starstak Glo Solo

And the STARSTAK BOOTLEG #8 - in the so-called "FINAL ELEVEN" series - is a GLO-IN-THE-DARK overload. The 40 piece edition has also sold out.

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