Shocker Toys has announced their lineup of San Diego Comic Con exclusives for their booth - #3849.

  • Dick Tracy - B&W Suit (6" tall) - 500 pieces
  • Dick Tracy - B&W Trenchcoat (6" tall) - 250 pieces (Must get a ticket from booth)
  • Dethklok Re-release box set (All 5 band members of Dethklok as vinyl figures) - 500pcs
  • Dethklok Dr. Rockso Designer Mallow - 500 pieces
  • Phantom Designer Mallow - 500 pieces
  • SDCC Art Designer Mallow - 250 pieces

Hmm...I'm interested in seeing what this Mallow figure is all about. It looks somewhat similar to Shocker's Shockini in that it has the block figure look. But does the world need more block figure lines? Discuss.

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