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Tonner Doll Co. recently released the Tonner Direct exclusive Archaeological Essentials – Tomb Raider Accessories pack. This two-pack consists of a hand-painted resin shot gun and a grenade launcher that's packaged in a plain cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap. Made specifically for their already released Lara Croft TCF, the Archaeological Essentials are limited to 1,000 sets.

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Our Opinion

The Archaeological Essentials pack is simply an addendum to the current Lara Croft accessories (her grenades and pistols). They’re fairly weighty, since both the shotgun and grenade launcher are cast of resin. But these aren’t nearly the quality level of Tonner’s Character Figures.

Out of the two, I think the shotgun is the better produced. It’s painted and fits in the Tonner Character Figure’s open hands a little better than the grenade launcher. Plus, it’s sculpted with an open trigger. The grenade launcher is solid resin in that area, so it doesn’t look as realistic.

But it all comes back to the hands. I’d love it if Tonner released sets of interchangeable hands that would allow you to grip accessories such as these. I think collectors would purchase those. As for the Archaeological Essentials set, I think hardcore fans of Tomb Raider will want to pick these up. But your causal Lara Croft admirer might hold off for another outfit for the character.

You can pick one up at the following:

Tonner Direct: $29.99

Archaeological Essentials Grades:

Quality: 6/10
Paint: 6/10
Packaging: 5/10
Durability: 8/10
Hype: 6/10
Fun Factor: 6/10
Value: 6/10

Overall: 6.7/10

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