Last year, Crazy Label released Peskimo’s Monster Burp vinyl figure to the delight of the designer toy community. Collectors wondered about the giant bubble being emitted from the Monster’s mouth. How didn’t the thing tip over? Can we get other colors?

With the addition of the newly released 8” Pink Treeson, Crazy Label also launched a line of much smaller bubbles – known as Bubblefun. These interchangeable bubbles work with both the Monster Burp and Pink Treeson and are available in a blind-boxed line.


The Facts

Manufacturer: Crazy Label
Artists: Bubi Au Yueng, JamFactory, APAK, Malota, Tado, Gaston Caba, Peskimo and Sonni
Material: hard rotocast plastic
Height: 1.5” long
Figures in Series: 12 designs (blind-boxed)



The Bubblefun blind-boxed line is packaged in a long rectangular (predominantly pink) box. The Bubblefun logo is on one side, with illustrations of the 12 possible designs taking up two panels.

Inside, the four Bubblefun figures are simply stacked next to each other. There are no issues with paint rubbing because these are all produced in clear plastics.


Our Opinion

As a kid, I’d always pick up those great weapon packs for my G.I. Joe guys. Sometimes I’d even go the generic route, since I’d always lose them and – like most 8 year olds – didn’t have a steady income. Well, it’s not often that a line of accessories is released for a designer toy line. But that’s essentially what the Bubblefun figures are. You won’t be displaying these by their lonesome, but if you have a Monster Burp or the Pink Treeson with a hole in its mouth…you’ll want to pick up a few boxes.
The standard colors consist of four designs by Bubi Au Yueng as well as a clear DIY Bubblefun. You’ll be pleased with the ease of transferring your own design to the DIY piece. I used a Sharpie and it worked perfectly. These come three in a pack with the fourth being one from the artist series. The artists who each have a single design in the line are JamFactory, APAK, Malota, Tado, Gaston Caba, Peskimo and Sonni.

And it’s the artist line that has the real stand out designs. If I had to put them in order, it would look something like this: Peskimo, Tado, Malota, APAK, Gaston Caba, Bubi (green), JamFactory, Bubi (red), Sonni, Bubi (white), and Bubi (yellow).

Finally, if you are going to pick these up to use with your Monster Burp, you’ll need an adapter. The ends of the Bubblefun are small and shaped different from the Monster Burp bubble. The adapter sells for $0.99 and well worth it if you’re looking to switch out to the Bubblefun line.


You can pick one up at the following:

Crazy Label: $4.95 (4 pack) or $40.00 (case of 9 packs)

Bubblefun Grades:

Figure Quality: 8/10
    Sculpt: 8/10
    Paint: 8/10
Accessories/Outfit: N/A
Packaging: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 8.8/10

IMG_8342 IMG_8343
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