You might recall seeing Bubi Au Yeung’s Treeson character at some point in time over the past three years. Crazy Label’s original rotocast vinyl version won our 2006 Toy of the Year Award and the mini line of Baby Treesons was a runner-up this past year.

With the newly released 8” Pink Treeson, one of the colorways from the Baby Treeson line – the Pastel Pink – was hit with an enlargement ray (from 3” to 8” tall), given some articulation and a slightly pinker hue. This figure is the first Crazy Label product to make use of their new Bubblefun characters.

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The Facts

8” Pink Treeson
Manufacturer: Crazy Label
Artist: Bubi Au Yeung
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Height: 8”
Points of Articulation: 4 (arms and legs)
Accessories: Bubblefun and tree branch with heart on the end
Edition Size: 500

IMG_8251 IMG_8253


The packaging is fairly simple. A rectangular box in pink and white that features a drawing of Treeson blowing a bubble as well as the Bubblefun character that’s included. Inside, the figure is packaged in dual, interlocking plastic trays.


Our Opinion

I hadn’t seen the original 8” tall articulated Treeson in person, so it was difficult to really gauge how much larger this version is than the previous lines. But as you can tell from the above photo, there is a definite graduated shift in sizes.

The articulation in the figure is fairly decent. The arms move back and forth with about 180 degrees of motion. The legs would allow you to sit the Treeson, if you so choose. And there’s still a faint seam around some of the spikes on the head, however, the head does not move.


Probably the biggest news regarding this figure is that it’s the first Crazy Label toy that allows you to use their new Bubblefun line of…well…plastic bubbles. The 8” Pink Treeson comes packaged with the Classic White flavored Bubblefun. However, Crazy Label has created a blind-box line of 12 different interchangeable designs from several different artists.

It’s up to you if you don’t want to use the Bubblefun, because the vinyl looks completely normal with the surprised/open mouth look. But I’d probably leave the tree branch where it is, since Treeson doesn’t look that hot with a gaping hole in his chest.

Overall, it’s another well-produced piece from Crazy Label. I love that this figure will be interacting with a completely different line of toys, which adds for some customization of your Treeson.


You can pick one up at the following:

Crazy Label: $69.00

8" Pink Treeson Grades:

Figure Quality: 8/10
    Sculpt: 9/10
    Paint: N/A
Accessories/Outfit: 8/10
Packaging: 6/10
Durability: 10/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 9.2/10

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