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Etsy artist Love and a Sandwich has created several new plushies that she calls the Baby Monstroctopus line ($45-$55 each). We have photos of three of them: the tan one is Jurby; the white one Wimby; the brown one with the monster juice is Squimby. Each plush is one-of-a-kind and hand sewn. She also has come up with entertaining background stories for each of the characters:

Jurby & Wimby:

Monster octopuses, or the Monstroctopi, are some of the most friendly and cuddly creatures in the ocean. Upon researching these creatures strange behavior, it was discovered that the babies of the Monstroctopi were so loving that they enjoyed floating around the ocean floors, not to find food, but to find other creatures to hug. At first glance it may look like an attack, but the baby monstroctopi wraps its tentacles around the creature in a loving, gentle way.


Squimby is a monstroctopus in need. He has a problem. Almost every night he chugs cans and cans of that green sugary sticky slimy substance they call Monster Juice©. He gets on such sugar highs from it that he'll roll around the floor for hours and hours, until he crashes, falling asleep in a pile of his own lime green drool.... only to repeat the process all over again when he wakes. He is Squimby, and he is a juiceaholic.
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