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The GreeNees line of plushies are truly a family affair. Ellie (mom), Shai (dad), Dylan and Sawyer (kids) have created a line of eco-friendly plush characters based on the drawings of 6-year old Dylan. The line consists of six different characters (all around 10" tall and made of certified organic cotton). And all of those characters conveys a different environmentally friendly message:

Mr. GreeNee (fights global warming), Mrs. Vision GreeNee (organic fanatic), Val (animal lover), Henry (Switch) (solar power), Dakota (recycling machine) and Gap (water conservation)

Mr. GreeNee - Fights-Global Warming Mrs.-Vision-GreeNee-Organic-Fanatioc Val-GreeNees---Animal-Lover Henry-(Switch)-GreeNee---Solar-Power Dakota---Recycling-Machine Gap---Water-Conservation

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