Tristan Eaton and Thunderdog
have brought their art to the small screen with an
app that combines the visual style of the art toy movement with the
sleek technology of the iPhone. If you ever wanted to see how you’d
look as an Urban Vinyl Toy, here’s your chance!

With B-BOT, you can customize your contacts by making awesome
cartoons of yourself and your friends. Once you’ve created a B-BOT, you
can assign it to a contact on your iPhone or iPod touch directly from
the application. Now when you receive a call from that person, the
B-BOT will show up on the caller ID screen. Or you can use our built-in
shuffle feature to randomly generate B-BOTs ‘til the cows come home!


B-BOT features a huge variety of bodies to choose from along with
hundreds of hair styles, accessories, eyes, mouths, sneakers, and more.
No matter how fresh or freaky your style is, there’s something in there
for you! With over 400 items to choose from, you can make over a
billion B-BOTs of yourself and your friends. And if you don’t have any
friends, just make them!


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