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Mezco Toyz recently announced that their popular Mez-itz line, first introduced as 2.5" figures in 2002, would be resized into 6" vinyl figures. Although
the first of these new deluxe Mez-itz will not be available until July,
fans of designer vinyl toys are in for a very special treat this April.

In cooperation with the 20th annual FX Show, Mezco Toyz will
supply one hundred and fifteen artists with specially made, 6"
tall, blank Mez-itz designer vinyl figures to customize as part of the
FX Vinyl Art Jam. Each artist will have 90 minutes to customize their
bare Mez-itz figure.
The completed figures will then be displayed and voted on by show
attendees with prizes awarded to the “fan-favorites”.

On Sunday April
19th, the figures will be auctioned to benefit the American Cancer
Society. Interested bidders will be able to participate both in person
or online.

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