Since the release of the original STAR WARS movie in 1977, Topps has
brought the magic of the big screen to the tiny trading card, inspiring
millions of kids worldwide and defining a genre. In the following 30 plus
years, Topps has continued to push the boundaries with such innovations as
widescreen cards, foil stamps, and motion cards, evolving far beyond the
old wax paper and crappy gum packets of yesteryear.

Enter the Sketchcard. Traditionally, these one off sketchcards
have been produced by Comic book artists, animators and fantasy
illustrators, all known artists within the Star Wars community. Until

Reaching out to the vast world of street artists, toy designers, and
underground pop mutants, Topps has pushed the limits once again. With the
debut of the first die-cut sketch card, artists outside the traditional
realm of Star Wars illustration have put their own stamp on these little
canvases in the shape of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets. STAR WARS
Galaxy 4
is a radical, art-oriented collection that showcases rare and
offbeat imaginings of the Star Wars cannon. It is the perfect venue from
which to unleash this new experiment in Star Wars collecting. Star Wars
Galaxy 4 is available now in most comic and hobby shops or from Topps.com.

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