With the Uglydolls being one of the most popular (probably the most popular) designer plush lines available, it was only a matter of time before David and Sun-Min brought their cute and addictive characters back to vinyl form. (We say back, because several years ago Critterbox released a number of the more popular Uglydoll figures as larger vinyl pieces.)


The Uglydoll Action Figure Collection Series 1 consists of 6 well known Uglydolls in their classic and Little Ugly colorways: Wage, Babo, Ice-Bat, Ox, Wedgehead and Jeero. There are 13 different possible blind-boxed figures for fans to collect.



The Uglydoll Action Figure line is blind boxed with a silver foil bag protecting (and hiding) the figure on the inside. The box is bright and colorful. It has a picture of Babo on the front, Ox on one side, Ice-Bat on the other, and a checklist of the figures in this series on the rear panel.


The Figures

Uglydoll Action Figure Collection Series 1 consists of 6 different characters with two colorways each plus the chase Red Tooth Wedghead.  Each figure stands approximately 3” in height and has 3 points of articulation (arms and waist), with the exception of Ice-Bat who only articulates at the neck.


This first wave of rotocast vinyl figures includes 6 popular characters: Wage, Babo, Ice-Bat, Ox, Wedgehead and Jeero. They are each available in their original “classic” color as well as a Little Ugly variant version.


Our Opinion

If you’re a fan of the plush Uglydolls, there’s a good possibility that you’ll enjoy their vinyl counterparts. They’ve only chosen six characters, and since the packaging specifies Series 1, we expect to see some of the other figures realized in vinyl form at some point. And while I could spend an inordinate amount of time talking about which Uglys we’d like to see in Series 2, let’s focus on the current lineup.

Wage, Babo, Ice-Bat, Ox, Wedgehead and Jeero are all great choices since they are many of the most popular Uglydoll characters. But they were first drawings and then plush…so how will they work as vinyl action figures?


Oh…and they’re called “Action Figures” because each one features an action twist waistline. Well, except for Ice-Bat, who has a twisting neck. But it’s obvious that’s a play on words.

Quality-wise, the Uglydoll Action Figures are one of the better rotocast vinyl mini lines we’ve seen. Each piece has the same soft feel that many of the better Japanese produced toy lines exhibit. But they’re made in China.


And as far as the actual figures, they’ve done a great job bringing the plush characters to vinyl. The only issue I have (and it was similar with the Ugly Kaiju line) is that Babo is sitting on his butt with his feet sticking out in front of him. But it’s obvious that’s how the character was designed to look.

Overall, Uglydoll fans and vinyl collectors will love these figures.  They’re cute, high quality and affordable. And if you buy a case, you're assured of a full set (except for the variant Red Tooth Wedgehead). So how long until Series 2?


You can pick one up at the following:

Tenacious Toys: $95.88 a set $8.00 ea. ($96 a set)

Uglydoll Action Figure Collection Series 1 Grades:

Quality: 10/10
Paint: 9/10
Packaging: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Ox: 9.0/10
Wage: 9.4/10
Jeero: 9.4/10
Wedgehead: 9.2/10
Babo: 8.7/10
Ice-Bat: 8.9/10


What do you rate this figure?

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