Loady mcgee
Sinus ogynus

Span of Sunset, Inc. and Johnny Ryan have teamed up to bring Ryan's Angry Youth Comix characters to action figure form. These dolls are based on the popular characters Loady McGee and Sinus

Loady McGee is the
spikey-haired, zit-faced jerk who loves watching snuff movies and
eating teddy grahams. Sinus O'Gynus is America's #1 wimp and Loady's
favorite punching bag. The Loady McGee doll comes with a broken bottle,
a baseball bat with a nail in it, and a dead fish. The Sinus O'Gynus
doll comes with a knife, a paddle ball game, and a dead fish. Sinus
also has a REAL bloody slit on his back for real back-stabbing fun.

figures ship in dirty outhouse themed boxes, with a magnetic door for the "private" business. They're currently available indvidually ($49.95 ea.) or as a set ($90).

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