PLASEEBO, and artist Bob Conge, will debut the prototype of a new figure at the 2009 NYCC next week. The Stone Walker is from their Great American Kaiju series. Bob describes the background of the figure below:

The story and 8" sculpt was inspired by the land I am fortunate to live on
in Upstate New York. Though good soil is not abundant, nothing grows
well here but potatoes, the land however is rich in geologic history. I
live on top of the remnants of a terminal moraine left by the last
North American Ice Age. At 2000 feet it is a rolling landscape of green
covered rock and gravel pushed down from the far north dotted
with beautiful lakes carved and filled by the retreating ice sheet ten
thousand years ago. This past Summer, on my daily walk, I saw the foreign stones as the raw material with which I might create a new Kaiju / story and the Stone
Walker was born.


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