In one of our two big award categories, we'll be selecting the top ten plush figures of 2008. How do we pick these? Multiple characters from the same line are eligible.  But we're really looking for a soft, cute and unique plush.

10. gini-gini (DreaminGirl)
You don't need to feed or care for this giant white guinea pig. Heck, you could use it as a pillow.  It's big enough for that.


9. Snow Attack Mousey Micci (ESC-Toy)
Erick Scarecrow brought back his popular Mousey Micci figures in a slightly smaller size.  The above, one of the new colorways, used a more sweatshirt-like fabric.


8. Raul Softie (Fuzzy Balls Apparel)
The first plush from Fuzzy Balls and Roy Wasson Valle gives you the handmade plush look...probably because they all are handmade. The screenprinted stripes make this one unique plush.


7. KonjoinedKitty (Michael Schupbach and ESC-Toy)
The KonjoinedKitty plush brought the yin-yang, good-evil thing to a siamese cat (not a siamese breed...siamese twins). These cute characters make the perfect pillow.


6. FluffyYukYuk (OhNo!Doom)
The followup to FluffyBadBad gave us a slightly less violent chomp with that newly designed jaw.  But it was just as cuddly...actually...even more.


5. Uncle (Dreamlets)
The Uncle character is our favorite of the Dreamlets line.  They're big, soft and simple.  And who doesn't love those teeth?


4. Babo's Bird (Uglydolls)
Well, he's a favorite of Sasha Obama...and he's our favorite Uglydoll of 2008. The bright blue color and the tiny little wings make him a draw for kids and collectors alike.


3. Dookie-Poo (Chaotic Unicorn and ESC-Toy)
2008 will be remembered for introducing us to the Dookie-Poo plush and vinyl lines. And if the name wasn't funny enough, you'll love this soft little plush with the sewn-in butt.


2. TeeHee (Anna Chambers)
The Doolie Box line was one of our favorite new plush lines of '08.  They're huggable, stackable and just really well produced. Why don't you have one of these yet?


*WINNER* 1. Yeti (Curster and ESC-Toy)
Curster's Yeti figures brought something new and intriguing to plush - solid articulation.  You add in that amazingly soft fur and the fact that it can stand (and hang out) with your vinyl figures...and you'll understand why we chose this guy as our Plush of the Year.

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