When it comes to choosing what makes up a great toy line, it has to have multiple - and for the most part, solid - figure releases.  It can be vinyl, resin, plush, wood...whatever!  We've gone ahead and chosen our five favorite toy lines of the past year.


5. Mousey Micci 8" Line (ESC-Toy)
The original Mousey Micci line was great, but then Erick Scarecrow went and shrunk them down and added some new colors. What's not to love about this plush line?


4. Puff Dogs (Rocket USA)
Gus Fink's spherical pups came in several sizes and plenty of colors. Man's best friend has never been so cute and soft.


3. Mimobots (Mimoco)
The one and only designer toy USB drive gained national attention with their Star Wars line.  But that didn't mean they got away from their designer toy roots, as we saw a steady stream of great artists lend their talents to the line.


2. Star Wars 1:6 Scale (Sideshow)
Sideshow listened to collectors and began releasing many of the ancillary characters from all six of the Star Wars films. Figures like Commander Praji and the Rebel Fleet Trooper are what make this line great.


*WINNER* 1. Uglydoll Kaiju (Uglydolls)

You take some of the most popular designer plush characters and turn them into rotocast vinyl kaiju creatures...and then you make them in Japan with the highest quality. That will make for a successful line.

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