The same rules that applied to our Best Fully Poseable Male Figure award hold true for the Female figure award...except that these are lady figures (not men).  So we have our top five picks, ironically, all from the same company. A clean sweep!

5. Elizabeth Swann Abandoned Bride (Tonner)
The outfit alone deserves some sort of award. While this version of The Pirates of the Caribbean star isn't the most recognizable, it shows all around Tonner quality.


4. Black Canary Blonde Bombshell (Tonner)
While this is not the regular DC Stars version of Black Canary, the Women of Power line gave this superhero a little glamor and fashion.


3. Lara Croft (Tonner)
Tonner surprised collectors with the announcement of their Lara Croft Tomb Raider license.  It gave them one of the largest Lara Croft figures and a new TCF body sculpt.


2. High Seas Elizabeth Swann (Tonner)
This version of Keira Knightley's Pirates of the Caribbean character is more in line with the theme of the film...she's in pirate garb. But it continues the POTC hot streak.


*WINNER* 1. Elvira (Tonner)
A combination of the iconic beehive hairdo, the perfect outfit, and great paintwork on the makeup make the Elvira TCF our favorite of the past year.  It was a surprise release (Tonner's Halloween Convention) and probably will be a surprise choice. 

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