Choosing five top artists of the past year is always a difficult task.  I like to look at the entire year's worth of work and choose those who have had a strong year...from January to December.  So, here are our picks.  And if you've ever wondered what these artists looked like, we found some photos to better familiarize yourself with them.

5. Gus Fink
Boogily Heads, Puff Puppies, Stitch Kittens


4. Erick Scarecrow
Mousey Micci, Muraida, Kissaki, Chelly Chainsaw, Dizign, Soopa Coin-Up Bros.


3. David Horvath
Uglydolls (Puglee, Ugly Ghost, Poe, Babo's Bird, Plunko), Uglydoll Kaiju


2. Manny Galan
Dookie-Poo vinyl and plush


*WINNER* 1. Frank Kozik
As with most years, Kozik released a ton of great figures in his own, unique style.  Some of our favorites? The Beethoven Bust, Ride 'Em Bob, Greyscale Smokey, Potamus, Salari Ika, Zog

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