Gregory St. Amand (aka Saintkid) is the founder of Strongboy Inc. and the artist behind the Thump figure.

Thump represents a core of innocence, conviction, fearlessness and clarity. Thump is based on the foundation of most martial arts concepts. Thump gives you the will to stand up and say
"that's enough!" or the ability to say "Let's Do It!" He is the fighter
inside us all, non-threatening, but tough as nails. Thump is the hero
in the little boy with great potential and dreams of unlimited
achievements - be it to be the greatest fighter of all time like Ali or
Bruce Lee, becoming the greatest astronaut like Armstrong or maybe
someday to be a President or a king. Thump embodies the purity and
attractiveness of real strength. He is everyone's really cute inner
protector. Your own little tough guy.

This DIY piece should retail around $56.  For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

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