If you can remember a place or time when you just didn’t “fit in”, you’ll love the second book from the WorryWoo Monster series, The Nose That Didn’t Fit.  Readers are introduced to the WorryWoo monster Rue, who finds himself trying to change what might be his most perfect feature.

Award winning author Andi Green uses her artistic talents combined with strong storytelling skills to convey the emotional journey Rue follows as he travels through the world of insecurity.  “I want to openly discuss emotions and not candy-coat feelings”, says Green.

A Rue plush with a "honkerrific" nose, angelic smile, and WorryWoo bellybutton is slated to be released with The Nose That Didn’t Fit.   In addition, Monsters in My Head, LLC are also introducing two new plush WorryWoos: Fuddle, the indecisive Monster of Confusion and the cuddly baby Squeek, The Monster of Innocence.  Books to follow Summer/Fall 2009.




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