Hmm...that might be the strangest title we've ever posted on the site...but there's an actual reason behind it. I Heart Guts has issued a voluntary recall for one of their products,
the Uterus Plush.

For those of you who noticed our impromptu
hysterectomy, here’s the story: In an effort to make sure our toys are
safe for all ages, the uterus plush failed a child toy safety standards
test — basically, if you pull too hard on the fallopian tubes, the
ovary pops off, creating a potential choking hazard for small children.
While we figured a plush uterus might not be of great interest to kids
— we designed it as a collectible plush for adults and marked them for
ages 3 and up — we want to be absolutely sure no harm comes from
playing with our guts.

Check out the above link for information about the recall and what you need to do if you have the plush.

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