A great sculpting job can turn an ordinary figure into something great.  Likewise, a bad sculpting job can just ruin a character that had a ton of promise.  We'd like to recognize the top five sculpting jobs of the past year.  These are five intricate or ground breaking sculpts that shouldn't be overlooked.

5. Zombie Series 1 (October Toys)
Since this mini line isn't painted, it's easy to overlook the sculpting work here.  But the closer you look at them, the more you can appreciate the intricate details of these tiny pieces.


4. Notorious B.I.G. NYCC Exclusive (Mezco)
Mezco did an amazing job recreating the facial sculpt on the figure.  But it's the wrinkles and pock marks on the arms that show that the company wasn't skimping on this sculpt.


3. Monster Burp (Crazy Label)
How will that giant clear plastic burp not make this figure tip over? Well, we're not sure how they did it...but we like it.


2. Muraida (ESC-Toy)
The Radioactive Green version of Erick Scarecrow's Murada figure is sculpted as a dripping/exploded paint can.  There is a ton of sculpted texture on this vinyl piece.


*WINNER* 1. Jumping Brain (Emilio Garcia)
This handmade project features an intricate sculpt that not only appears to be a lesson in anatomy, but is highly detailed and an obvious labor of love for the artist.

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