While collectors are often torn between opening or leaving their toys in the package, it always helps to have well-produced (and attractive) packaging.  So, here are our five favorites of the past year.


5. Dookie-Poo (Chaotic Unicorn)
Designed like a little tree, this box listed the entire Dookie-Poo lineup on the back panel...even before it was released.  And that front window lets you see the cute character inside.


4. Tricycle Terror (Scott Tolleson)
The packaging for Scott Tolleson's Tricyle Terror is sporting a retro look to it. It has some great artwork of the inside character. And the front panel allows you to display it inside the packaging.


3. Star Wars Line (Sideshow)
The packaging for the Star Wars line always gets high grades from us.  Whether it's the photos from the films, the photos of the figure, the background info, or the magnetic front flap...it's all well done.


2. Carrot Shake Jake (Gary Ham)
Nice and simple. That describes the Carrot Shake Jake packaging. The front window is shaped like a cup.  And there's even a recipe for a carrot shake on the back.


*WINNER* 1. Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark (Sideshow)

Like Sideshow's Star Wars line, the Indiana Jones packaging features pictures from the film, photos of the figure and plenty of Indiana Jones reading. Then there are a pair of plastic trays to keep ahold of all of those accessories.

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