In an attempt to include 1:6 scale figures as well as larger figures in one category, we've created the "fully poseable" category.  These figures have multiple points of articulation, usually include real cloth outfits and often have various accessories.  We've also split these into male and female figures, and we'll take a look at the five best male figures first.


5. Ki-Adi-Mundi (Sideshow)
While the Jedi doesn't include a ton of accessories, the outfit is of top quality and the head sculpt and paintwork does a great job recreating the onscreen look.


4. Frodo Baggins (Sideshow and Hot Toys)
With The Lord of the Rings collectibles losing steam (5 years after the last film release), Sideshow was able to revive their LOTR line with the Frodo and Sam 1:6 scale figures.  Both included a ton of accessories, but we like Frodo's sculpt slightly better.


3. Will Turner TCF (Tonner)
Tonner's Pirates of the Caribbean brought us the amazingly produced Jack Sparrow TCF (2007 Winner). This year, they released Orlando Bloom as Will Turner.  While the film character isn't as fun as Sparrow, Tonner did an equally good job producing this figure.


2. Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark (Sideshow)
While you might have read about issues with the Prometheus body, there's one thing about the 1:6 Indiana Jones that can't be just looks amazing.  The sculpt is near perfect Harrison Ford.  And it comes packaged with a ton of accessories.

*WINNER* 1. Rebel Fleet Trooper (Sideshow)
Sideshow's 1:6 scale Star Wars line is a favorite of collectors, and our favorite figure in the line was the Rebel Fleet Trooper.  You probably only saw this guy for a total of 30 seconds in Star Wars: A New Hope, but it's the perfect face sculpt and outfit for this ancillary character.

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