Customizing is a skill and an art.  It's one thing to be able to paint an amazing piece of artwork, but it's a completely different ballgame when you attempt to create that same artwork on an already existing vinyl figure.  We've chosen our top five custom artists of the past year.

5. Erick Scarecrow
While he's thought of as an artist of original artwork, Scarecrow also does some amazing custom pieces for various shows and events.

4. Attaboy
Another artist primarily known for his original pieces and artwork, Attaboy has released a number of custom pieces using his unique style.


3. Joe Grady
Grady has shown off his custom work in a number of shows this past year, but the above pictured Skeletor MAD*L might be our favorite custom of 2008.


2. NVC Crew
A best custom artist list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Bao and Spive - the NVC Crew. This past year had them release a few original handmade figures, but that didn't mean they'd let up on those killer customs.

*WINNER* 1. Leecifer
The artist otherwise known as Leecifer was responsible for bringing a washed and weathered look that you might see on print to vinyl figures.  These are things of besuty that must be seen firsthand to truly appreciate them.

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