The Bubble Pink with Horny Rat figure is the first toy designed by Francisco Herrera, a comic book artist and character designer.   The piece is approximately 7.5" tall and will retail around $50 each.   For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.

If you're looking for some background info about this figure, check below.

Acid Sugar Cottontails are nice, lovely creatures... at first. Fall in
love with them, but be warned: they are extremely bipolar.  Their mood
can change at any given moment, but hey, if you can live with that, you
will experience the remarkable flavor each one has to offer. You see,
the flavor reflects a hint of their personality. In addition, each one
has a pet that will help settle their hyperactivity. Bubble Pink is
sticky 'cause she loves to hug all the time. She is always posing for
the camera and... well, the rat can tell you more.


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