X-Ray Films recently released the Director’s Cut version of their Toys Are Us: A Revolution in Plastic DVD.  Since there are not many films strictly dedicated to the designer toy scene, this is a must-see for collectors.  And if you haven’t seen it…why not?

The first thing we noticed was that our previous review was quoted on the front cover.  But once I popped the Special Edition Director’s Cut into my PS3, I could tell that this was an updated version.  A number of the vinyl toys that are featured were not in the last version.  There are also a few new interviews, including catching up with Nathan Jurevicius at a signing.

Probably the most interesting additions are a pair of mini documentaries.  Since I am always being asked this question: “How can I turn my idea into a toy?”, the Toy Making 101 documentary would be helpful for wannabe designers.  It features interviews with designers as well as sculptor extraordinaire Brin Berliner.  The other mini documentary – An Ancient Vinyl History – takes a glimpse at vintage Japanese vinyl figures.



These additions give you a good background on the designer toy scene.
While the behind-the-scenes look might not interest the casual
collector, the hardcore designer toy enthusiast will want to check
these out.

Overall, Brian Stillman and X-Ray Films have really added some great
new features to an already entertaining documentary.  Too often, you
see 5 minutes of new footage added to a film to give it that
“Director’s Cut” label.  Fortunately, that’s not the case here.  I’m
not sure the total difference in combined run times, but it feels like
it contains almost twice as much information.

This DVD is now being distributed nationwide, so you should be able to go to your favorite online or brick and mortar shop to pick one up.  Or if you'd like to order one online, check out Film Baby.  And wholesale inquiries can contact DKE Toys.