Just in time for Halloween, Plaseebo is offering up a collection of one of a kind custom Night Gamers.  This 2008 collection is comprised of 6 unique hand customized and painted expressions by Bob Conge.   Each of the 8" vinyl
also have a motion activated color-changing LED unit inside its head and is hand signed by Bob.

The 6 custom figures include, from left to right: Mickeygamer, Frankengamer, Jack O Lantern #2Voodoo, Nightzilla and Jack O Lantern #1.  They will be available from the Plaseebo online store on Thursday October 9th.

Autumn finds the Night Gamers, Wilber and Orvil still enjoying evenings
in Manhattan. At 4 AM or so while navigating the streets a few feet
above human eye level in early October they discovered the Halloween
window display at Forbidden Planet on Broadway and 13th. They were
ecstatic, zipping back and forth in front of the glass like giant
bumble bees pausing for an instant in front of each one of the dozens
of masks. A bewildering mix of gruesome and fun expressions in an
endless variety of rubbery goodness, Frankenstein, Godzilla, Mickey,
T2, Bill Clinton, goblins, ghosts and carved pumpkins galore . In the
excitement of their find our travelers both began to glow with the
color changing effects they normally exhibit when engrossed in gaming.
And then the real discovery was revealed to them by their reflections
in the window. Wilber and Orvil's faces morfed into the face of each
mask they were thinking of, as many as ten different masks a minute. It
would seem while traversing the 30 second time shift from their
parallel universe to ours, the molecular structure of their bodies has
become flexible, thus giving them this new ability with which they are
delighted. Halloween became Wilber and Orvil's most favorite holiday, a
shape shifters dream come true.







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