Max Toy Co. won't actually have a booth at San Diego Comic Con this year, but they will have a number of exclusive figures available at the STRANGEco booth.

Tripasu: Cronic and Max Toy Co.


Produced by Cronic and based on a design by Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co.), the run of 15 pieces have been hand-painted by Mark.

Pharoahs: Rumble Monsters


The limited edition of 5 pieces have been hand-painted by Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co.

Eyezon: Max Toy Co.


This version of Eyezon is clear gold vinyl with visible guts.  The limited run of 16 pieces have all been hand-painted by Mark.

Booska Glow-in-the-Dark: Max Toy Co.


This GID version of Martin Ontiveros' take on the classic character will be limited to 40 pieces.

Boy Karma Glow-in-the-Dark: Max Toy Co.


Boy Karma Black Edition: Max Toy Co.


Boy versions of the Boy Karma figure (GID and all black) will be limited to run of 30 pieces.

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