The Tomb Raider video game, featuring the female archaeologist Lara Croft, was originally released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn.  The game is probably the lone bright spot in the Saturn’s three-year run.  The third person game follows Croft as she searches for ancient treasures.  The character has seen her share of adventures in the video game realm as well as in Hollywood films.

Tonner Doll Company kept their Lara Croft TCF (sorta) secret for its Wizard World Chicago debut.  Now that you know who the mystery female gaming character is, you’ll be glad to know that this is the first in a line of Tomb Raider and Lara Croft inspired figures.




The traditional Tonner rectangular box is done in black with Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend in silver lettering.  (The Tomb Raider Legend game was released in 2006)  All of the accessories come individually packaged and the figure is protected like your high school lunch lady…sporting a hairnet.





The Figure

The Lara Croft Tonner Character Figure stands approximately 16” 17" tall
and has around 14 points of articulation (it’s hard counting in double

Tonner actually designed a new body sculpt for this figure.  As you
might have known, Lara Croft is a little more…err…buxom than the
average female.  So, being realistic to the character, this had to be
accounted for.


The figure’s accessories include: a black faux leather backpack, leg
gun holster/belt, two guns, three grenades, and black gloves.

Her outfit consists of: a green midriff shirt, olive green short shorts, white and tan knew high socks and faux leather boots.


While the figure is only limited to 100 pieces at Wizard World Chicago,
that will only be a small portion of the larger release of 4,000 pieces.  If you
weren’t able to pick one up, you’ll be able to find them via Tonner
for $124.99.


Our Opinion

It seems that every time I review a Tonner piece, I find myself saying
it’s my newest favorite TCF.  That might be hard to say after this one,
because it will be tough to top Lara Croft.

The hairdo, the outfit, the body and face sculpts…all of them nail this
character.  Actually, Tonner created a new body sculpt for this
figure.  If you compare it with other female TCFs, there are some
noticeable differences.  The Croft sculpt is thicker (legs, arms,
etc.); her knee joints are better concealed; her chest is larger.

Based on my opinion, I’m guessing this figure will sell out at Wizard
World Chicago in a day (maybe two…tops).  It’s a character that
everyone knows and video gamers adore.  And the piece has been designed
and produced in amazing detail.

You can pick one up at the following:

Tonner Direct: Mid July - $124.99

Lara Croft TCF Grades:

Quality: 10/10
Paint: 9/10
Packaging: 9/10
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 9/10
Fun Factor: 10/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: 9.8/10










Have this figure?  What do you rate it?

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