Frederick J. Carrotson the Fourth, better known to
friends and family as Fred the One-Eyed Carrot, is undeniably the world's most
interesting and famous carrot. Fred has traveled the world and done some amazing
things so far in his life but now Fred is ready to take the next step and be PLUSH!!!

Three handmade and individually numbered plush Freds were produced as a collaboration between Lina and El Maz.  Each carrot stands 13" tall and were sewn by Lina, inspired by the original design from El Maz. They feature embroidered eyes, mouths, and stitching on the hat, as well as a wool fiber mustache.

Included with each Fred plush is a handmade, handwritten, hand-drawn, and individually painted/splattered tag from El Maz.  Each Fred also comes with an “I FEAR NO RABBIT!” bracelet. The price for each plush Fred is
.  If you are interested in
owning a Fred, email Katie at Gallery 1988 SF.

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