Beans…they’re good for your heart…right?  Well, Beantown Toys puts an interesting spin on the original Boston Baked Bean.  Currently, the line has been released as individual Beans as well as Spoon Racers (a Bean on a spoon).

The line is the handiwork of toy designer Matt Doughty (also of Onell Design).  So you might end up seeing some interactivity between these figures and the Glyos System series of mini figures.




The individual Bean figures are all bagged with a header card.  Each piece is packaged with a checklist of the characters in that series.

The Spoon Racers are carded (also with a checklist) and are secured in a plastic bubble.


The Figures

Each Bean stands approximately 1.5” in height and has no articulation.
The pieces all come with a hat, which you can position forward,
backwards, sideways, etc.

The Spoon Racers are packaged with one Bean and a spoon with wheels.
The spoon can be broken down into four pieces: 2 wheels; handle (with
wheel); and scoop (with peg).  The Bean, which has a hole in its’ base,
can then lock on to the peg.

In total, there are close to 100 Bean characters, ranging from animals
to glow-in-the-dark to clear.  Each one is limited to a run of between
500 and 1,000 pieces.


Our Opinion

The Beantown line appears to be created as a cute, niche product for
those folks who visit Boston and want a Boston Baked Bean that free of
calories.  But are they really?

Kids definitely will be interested in their playability.  But
collectors will like all of the different characters with their unique
stories (which you can find on their interactive website).  Also, as
the line expands, there will be more opportunities for crossover
between the Beantown line and the Glyos System series.

You can pick one up at the following:

Beantown Toys: Spoon Racers - $5.99 ea.  Beans - $2.75 ea.

Beans and Spoon Racers Grades:

Quality: 6/10
Paint: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Hype: 5/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Overall: 7.1/10






Have these figures?  What do you rate them?

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