Plaseebo Custom's WAR figure will be in the Kaiju Invades New York exhibition at The Showroom Gallery in NYC, opening this Saturday, April 19th from 8PM until 11PM.

Bob Conge says: This sculpt is somewhat of a departure for me, in that it is my intent to use the "art toy" form as a vehicle to express a powerful sociopolitical statement.  "War is the ultimate monster" I wanted to create an image that would make the viewer feel the horror of war and perhaps move them to take a stand against its ravages of life and land.  The Dick Cheney smile on the skull is no accident.


The WAR figure is a one-up hand-cast urethane from Bob's original sculpt.  It is 10" high by 6" wide with glass inset eyes.  The body and feet of the WAR figure are made up of the dead bodies of solders, crashed airplanes, blown up tanks, barrels of oil, etc and his legs are the trunks from burned and broken trees.  You already know the back-story.  As inspired by, "I am become Death,The shatterer of Worlds", from The Bhagavad-Gita.

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