Walt Disney Pictures’ epic film, The Chronicles of
Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
based on C.S. Lewis' timeless tale, comes to life
through Robert Tonner's collection
of Tonner Character Figures™ (TCF).

The life-like figures are
authorized portraits of William Moseley in the role of Peter Pevensie; Anna
in the role of Susan Pevensie; Skandar Keynes in the role of Edmund
; and Georgie Henley in the role of Lucy Pevensie.

Ranging from
13”-19” tall, each perfectly replicated Pevensie sibling comes authentically
dressed.  The intricate costume details range from to real buttons and lace-up
shoes to custom knit sweaters.   The kings and queens of Narnia also have
separate coronation costumes available (pictured below) which include fine details such as
intricately molded crowns, hand-embroidery details and luxurious fabrics.


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