gini-gini from DreamForest



The folks from blackpeach debuted their gini-gini plush series at Toy Fair 2008.  The
gini-gini were designed by Ru Sun, creator and illustrator of
DreaminGirl and founder of blackpeach.  Part of an ongoing story that
takes place within DreaminWorld, gini-gini happen to be DreaminGirl’s
favorite pets and are one among the many creatures of DreamForest.  They
are moody and playful and love to camouflage themselves by changing
shape and color.

Series 1 has a limited run of 500 of each of the four colors (blue, pink, yellow and green).  Each plush is 15" long by 9" tall and patterned on both sides symmetrically.  Look for them to retail around $24.99.



One thought on “gini-gini from DreamForest

  1. I love this plush so much, I have the entire collection, blue, green, yellow and pink. Where are the others creatures from dreamforest? I wish to see them.

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