When we select the Best Line of the year, we have to make sure that there is an abundance of quality as well as quantity.  Just having two or three figures released in any given year, probably won't qualify you as a "line".  Check out what we've chosen and voice your opinion in the comments section.

#5. Star Wars mimobots from mimoco


What a great license for mimoco to grab!  Now, those of us who are computer geeks and Star Wars nerds (myself included) have a great option to store those files. 

#4. I.W.G. from Rocket World


In 2007, Patrick Ma and Rocket World released Series 4 (snow monkey, penguin, elephant and platypus), 5 (Combat Mod Squad) and 6 (Baby Cubs) as well as a mini Rocket Ship.  Plus, there were a number of exclusives, including the FreeBento Nahanda pictured above.

#3. DC Stars TCFs from Tonner


Tonner's DC Stars line reproduces the classic look of some of the most popular DC Comics characters.  In 2007, they gave us Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Aquaman and Poison Ivy...with several more revealed for '08.

#2. BUDs Series 2 from Jamungo  



The first series of Blow Up Dolls won our award for Best Mini Line last year.  This year, they ended up in second place, but the 2nd series of BUDs was even more impressive than the inaugural launch.

#1. UMA from Wonderwall - Winner!!


In 2007, Sun-Min and David introduced UMA, which stands for Unidentified Mysterious Animal.  They sorta look like the babies of some of the most mysterious creatures - Chupacabra, Flatwoods Monster and Mothman.

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