Drive…Transform…Destroy.  That’s the tagline for Johnny Lightning’s V_Bot transformable robot.  However, a better description might be Drive…Transform…Dance.  The V_Bot is not a fighting radio controlled figure.  You will see it rattle off a few karate chops once in a while, but that usually occurs mid dance routine.

So what exactly is the V_Bot?  It’s an RC car (somewhat resembling a Scion) that transforms into a dancing robot with the touch of a button.


The V_Bot’s controller has 6 action buttons as well as 3 preprogrammed action sequence buttons and a transform button.  So you’re able to perform over 100 different action moves.  There are also two directional sticks that work in both the car and robot modes.




When the preprogrammed action sequences are used, the V_Bot dances to
it’s own, somewhat generic, musical soundtrack.  If you’d like to
listen to your own music (say Cruel Summer by Bananarama or Journey’s
Faithfully), you can actually plug in your MP3 player and listen
through the toy’s speakers.  The figure includes a wire to plug in your
player, as well as a Velcro strap to secure it within the dock inside
of the robot.

While you can demo the figure in the package, it doesn’t come with the
needed batteries.  That means you’ll need to supply the 6 C (robot) and
1 9-volt (controller) batteries.  And it might take you about 15
minutes to actually unpack the V_Bot, since it’s packaged within a web
of twist ties.


Pros:  It’s definitely a ton of fun for kids and adults alike.  The
inclusion of MP3 player compatibility is something I have never seen in
an RC car.  There are a ton of intricate moves in robot mode.

  Well, there are some quirks in the car mode.  Occasionally, it
will stop driving and transform without provocation.  And you’ll need
to watch out for the doors, since they turn into wings and can
sometimes get stuck during transformation.

Check out these YouTube videos, for demos.

You can pick one up at the following: $129.99








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