A new Spök-spök character is in the making. His name is Kusin Gastkram, and he is Spök-spök’s know-it-all cousin from the country.

Kusin Gastkram is very pale, since all his life he’s been eating nothing but potatoes. His favorite thing to do is to fly around and give people advice on how to live their lives. He’s very nice, but can be annoying sometimes.

There are only 25 plushies produced, and they’re all handmade by Daniel Svanberg.  Each is numbered and will sell for approximately $75 each.  You can reserve one by e-mailing (Include your name, e-mail address, and how many cousins you want. Include if you want a specific number).  Orders will be taken on a first come first served basis.

The cousins will ship in mid February, after being on display at Monkeyhouse Toys during the Spök-spök solo-show.

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