We divided the 1/6th scale* category by gender.  Since we've already chosen our favorite male figure, we're now looking at the female figures.  What are we looking for?  A great sculpt, quality clothing and plenty of accessories.

#5. Wonder Woman TCF from Tonner


While it's not Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman is the spitting image of the classic comic book character.  Would anyone pay for Lynda Carter - circa 2008 - as Wonder Woman?

#4. Ellowyne Wilde Red, White and Very Blue from Wilde Imagination


The Ellowyne Wilde line gives a stylized flair to the normal designer doll.  It's the wide eyes and an oversize head that make the line stand out.

#3. Princess Leia Episode IV from Sideshow


Who doesn't remember the iconic opening scene from Star Wars?  Well, Sideshow recreated the white dress wearing Leia with perfect buns...on her head.

#2. Leia as Boushh from Sideshow


Does this really count?  I mean...we didn't really know that Boushh was a female until she ripped off the helmet to reveal her true self and make out with a frozen Han Solo.  But the figure includes the Leia head sculpt as well as the Boushh helmet.

#1. Mary Jane Watson TCF from Tonner - Winner!!


The Mary Jane figure also won our award for best sculpt...because it looks exactly like Kirsten Dunst.  In case she doesn't want to be in a Spider-Man 4...try using this figure and stop-motion.  Bingo!

*And while Tonner is slightly larger than 1/6 scale (unless humans are
about 8 feet tall), we're including their products in this category.  A 17/72 scale category just doesn't have the same ring to it.

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